Viewsonic PX747-4K Review


The Lowest Priced 4k Projector?

The Viewsonic PX747-4K and PX727-4K share the same Texas Instruments 0.47" DLP chip as a few other new 4K projectors. However, Viewsonic comes in with the lowest prices that we've seen so far. The PX747-4k has gone on sale for less than $1000 which is absolutely incredible for a 4k projector.

Both the PX747 and the PX727 both use XPR (Pixel Shifting) to produce an image that satisfies 4K certification requirements. This means that these projectors are able to display 8.3 millions pixels on the screen so they are considered true 4K projectors. The image is incredibly sharp and has to be seen in person to appreciate the clarity.

The difference between the PX747-4K and the PX727-4K is that the PX747 produces 3500 lumens while the PX727 produces 2200 lumens. This is because they use two different color wheels. Although the PX747 is brighter than the PX727, the PX727 has more accurate color. This is more noticeable with certain red or blue hues. The difference in brightness is most notable with white as white will be much brighter on the PX747 so those who need a bright projector for a room with a lot of ambient light will likely benefit more from the PX747 over the PX727 but the 727 will look better in a dark room.

The image quality from the both projectors is great. In my opinion, movie mode looks the best since it has the best balance between color and brightness. The PX747 would be a good option for gamers since it has extra brightness.

The only negative thing I can say about either of these projectors is that they do suffer from the light border/halo issue, which has been noted on the other 4K projectors from BenQ and Optoma. It's difficult to capture in a picture or video but it's basically a dim border of light around the screen. It's not a dealbreaker but it does bother some people. Another concern I had was the 120 degree projection offset, but this is a matter of preference so I wouldn't necessarily call it a con. The fans were also a little louder than I'm used to be it wasn't bad, just something to note.

Overall these are great projectors and probably the best you can get for the money, especially when they go on sale.

Compact design
Amazing Clarity
Very Bright (3500 Lumens - PX747-4k)

Fans are a little louder than some other projectors
Light Border/Halo around screen

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