Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Review


Is It The Best Wifi Router?

Ubiquiti is a company known for enterprise-level wireless systems. Today we're looking at their $299 mesh wireless router called the Amplifi HD. This is a very elegant system that is easy to setup and use. The app is polished and also easy to use. The Amplifi App is probably one of the best wifi router apps I've seen even though it lacks some advanced options.

This kit comes with a main router and two mesh access points. Each access point simply plugs into the wall and has a magnetic antenna that can be easily positioned for the best reception.

I compared this system to my existing TP-Link Archer C5400 wireless router and it did pretty well. The Amplifi HD has great coverage but lacked the raw speed of the TP-Link router. If coverage is more important than speed to you then this might be a good option. It doesn't have the advanced features of a high-end router but it works well for someone who is looking for something simple and effective. 

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