Should You Buy A Projector?

4K TV vs Projector

I receive a lot of questions regarding projectors and TVs so I decided to make a guide to clear up some questions in regards to projectors. There are pros and cons to both options but projectors provide a unique experience that a 4k TV can't provide. It's not possible to find a 100" LED TV for less than $8000 so in order to get a big screen, a projector is the way to go. Not only are modern home theater projectors bright and sharp, but 1080p projectors are often cheaper than most 70" mid-level LED TVs. This video gives an overview of the pros and cons of both technologies.

Recommended Projectors:

BenQ HT2050 -
Optoma GT1080 Short Throw -
Epson Powerlite 3700 -

4k Enhanced (Not Native 4k but shaper than 1080p)
Epson Home Cinema 5040UB -
Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe /w HDR:

Screen Materials:
Carl's Flexiwhite 1.1 Gain 144" Roll:
Carl's Black Felt Tape (for border):

Recommended Ceiling Mounts:
Vivo Universal Adjustable Mount:
STR-MOUNTSB Low Profile Mount:

My Home Theater Components:
Receiver: Denon 4313ci 9.2 1260w:
Main Speakers: Polk RTi12 -
Center Channel: Polk CSi5 (Discontinued)

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