Samsung KS8000 vs KU6300 Review


HDR vs 4K - UHD vs SUHD

The KS8000 and KU6300 are two great Samsung TVs. This is a Samsung KS8000 review as well as a Samsung KU6300 review. Both of these TVs have 4k resolution (UHD). The KU6300 is often advertised as an HDR TV, but it doesn't have a wide color gamut and lacks the brightness and contrast needed for the Ultra HD premium certification. The KS8000 is a worthy upgrade to the KU6300. Not only does it have a 10bit panel with a wide color gamut, but it has local dimming and is considerably brighter. The KS8000 won't compare to an OLED TV, but for the money it's hard to beat. See the side-by-side comparison in this video and decide for yourself. 


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