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Ring Solar Panel Review


August 15, 2016

A great accessory for the Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Solar Panel was designed specifically for the Ring Stick Up Cam. The Stick Up Cam is a motion-activated wireless surveillance camera. It's called the Stick Up Cam because it is battery-operated and can be placed anywhere. 

In July 2016, Ring released a firmware update that enabled Live View (Video on-demand) for the Stick Up Cam and the Ring Doorbell. To address any possible issues with battery life on the Stick Up Cam, Ring introduced the Ring Solar Panel, which will ensure that it remains charged. Live View works whether the Stick Up Cam is wired or on battery power. Live View does take several seconds to launch. In most instances it takes about 10-15 seconds to see the video feed. Hopefully, this is something that Ring will fix through a future firmware update.

The price of the Ring Solar Panel is $49 and the Ring Stick Up Cam costs $199, This means you're getting a completely wireless, solar-powered, surveillance camera for $248. The only additional cost is cloud recording, which Ring offers for $3/month or $30/year. 

The Solar Panel has a fairly basic design. It has a small slot on the back that allows you to attach the wall mount and the wall mount has two holes to allow it to be screwed to a wall. It also comes with a non-removable 5ft micro-usb cable that has a small rubber cover for weather-resistance.

Just like the Ring Doorbell and Stick Up Cam, the Solar Panel is covered for theft. Ring just requires that you provide a police report and they will replaced it for free.

The Stick Up Cam is definitely a one-of-a-kind device, especially since it's now solar-powered and can be placed almost anywhere. It works very well overall and I haven't had any major issues with it. 


-Chris Majestic (Majestechs)