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Ring Doorbell Update


August 25, 2016

Ring adds Live View to the Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell is not the first camera of its kind. There are a few other internet-connected doorbell cameras around. However, the Ring Doorbell works pretty well and is equipped with a long-lasting battery, motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision.

When I first tested the Ring Doorbell I had 2 issues. The first issue was with motion-detection. Even at the lowest setting, the doorbell would be triggered by cars, trucks, and buses. The other issue was the lack of Video On-Demand, which many other consumers complained about.

In July 2016, Ring released a firmware update that enabled Live View for customers who have their Ring Doorbell hardwired. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for customers who are using battery power. It is assumed that this decision was made to avoid rapidly draining the battery with a constant Wifi connection. 

Unfortunately, the motion detection issue still remains. I have my Ring Doorbell motion detection set to the lowest setting and it is still triggered by trucks and buses. Thankfully I'm able to turn off motion alerts so my phone doesn't notify me every hour when a car drives by, but they do still show up as events in the cloud. 

Ring also released the Live View feature for the Stick Up Cam. This feature can be enabled whether the camera is running on USB power or battery power. To address the issue of battery life on the Stick Up Cam, they introduced the Ring Solar Panel. The Ring Solar Panel provides constant power to the Stick Up Cam as a permanent power solution in an outdoor environment. 

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-Chris Majestic (Majestechs)