Optoma UHD50/UHD51A Review


The Best 4K Projector of 2018?

The Optoma UHD50 and UHD51A 4K DLP Projectors might just be the best Budget 4K Projectors for 2018. They have great color accuracy, good black levels, and several features that can't be found on competing 4k projectors. The UHD51A even has support for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to allow you to control the projector with your voice. The only real issue that I found with this projector is that it still suffers from the light border issue like all of the other budget 4k projectors that use the 0.47" Texas Instruments DLP chip, such as the Viewsonic PX-747 and BenQ HT2550 & TK800. However, it still shines above all of the competition.

Chris Majestic


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