Google Home Review


Better Than The Amazon Echo?

This is a short review of Google Home for use in Home Automation and music. This video contains a short comparison of the Google Home vs Amazon Echo. Google Home is well-built and works very well for asking questions and appears more conversational than The Amazon Echo and New Echo Dot. Right now it works with Nest, Philips Hue, SmartThings, and IFTTT. Obviously, this list will grow as time goes. In my testing, it works very well with SmartThings and Nest. You can speak to Google Home naturally instead of being forced to speak robotically like speaking to Alexa. The speaker sounds good but it does not get as loud as the Amazon Echo and seems to lack a little bit of the detail that the larger Amazon Echo has. Overall, if you're considering which one will be better for advanced Home Automation, the Echo would be a better fit at the moment. However, for everything else Google Home works better and will likely support just as many devices as the Amazon Echo as it matures.

Price $129 -

Price $129 -

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