BenQ HT2050A Review


Is It The Best Projector Under $1000?

The BenQ HT2050A is the successor to the HT2050. Considering the success of the HT2050 I expected similar peformance out of the HT2050A. The HT2050A comes with the same body and all of the same features as the HT2050A but it comes with 2 additional features and a bonus. The first new feature is better input lag. The HT2050A has an input lag of 16.67ms vs the 33ms input lag of the HT2050. This is a huge plus for gamers and makes that one of the best projectors for gaming. This projector also has horizontal keystone correction, which was missing form the HT2050. And the bonus is that the HT2050A comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty vs the 1-Year warranty on the HT2050. Overall, these are both great projectors and among the highest rated budget projectors on the market. The color accuracy is great and the projector has good brightness. The black levels are good but not as good as some more expensive projectors. It also has a great throw ratio that projects a 100" image from just 8.2ft. 

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