Wireless Car Charger Review

Does It Work? Is It Worth Buying?

Recently, I've started searching for a Magnetic Fast Wireless Car Charger since this would be the easiest way to charge my phone in the car while required the least amount of effort. You just sit your phone on it and go. After guying several other wireless chargers for my Galaxy S9 Plus I finally came across this one. Most of the other ones either didn't have fast charging, had bad designs, or were just simply defective. Even though this BaseUS one was the most expensive, it was easily the best. Not only does it support fast wireless charging but it comes with a special leather-looking plate that goes on your phone that works as a metal plate and also allows you to wireless fast-charge your phone in the car but most importantly you can still wireless charge your phone with your original wireless charger in the house. Although this seemed like a perfect deal, there are some minor issues with fast wireless charging in the car.

The first issue was that fast wireless charging causes your phone to get pretty hot so if the ambient temperature in your car is any hotter than 80 degrees it won't charge for longer than 10 or 15 minutes before you get a message stating that the phone is too hot for charging and must cool down. This isn't a major issue with iOS devices since they don't use fast wireless charging but the iPhone does still get pretty hot.

The second issue is charging speed. Even though fast wireless charging is faster than regular wireless charging, it's still not as fast as using a quick charger like the one that comes with your phone. This means that if you're using an app that drains your battery quickly, the wireless charger may not be able to keep up with how fast you battery is draining.

The other problem is that the magnet could be stronger. I'm not sure if this is a limitation of using wireless charging with a magnet in such a small space but it's nearly impossible to use it with the plate installed inside your case. It has to be installed on the outside of your case for the best results.

Great Build Quality
Fast Wireless Charging works!
Leather/Vinyl plate works well
Can be mounted on A/C vent or on hard surface
Comes with USB plug and cable

Magnet could be stronger
Will not work that well with a case
Phone gets hot while fast-charging which forces charging to stop

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