Best Speakers for Amazon Echo Dot


Is The Logitech Z623 The Best?

I've been trying to find a speaker setup for the my echo dot that would fill my entire first floor and I've finally found my favorite set of speakers. After trying several inexpensive speaker systems and a few bluetooth speakers I eventually decided to spend a little bit more and go with the Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System. The Z623 is definitely the best bang for your buck if you like it loud with a lot of bass. It comes with a very powerful 7 inch subwoofer and the satellite speakers are crystal clear and produce plenty of sound. I was able to grab these speakers on sale for $100, which brings the total to $140 for the Echo and Speakers, which is actually cheaper than the Echo Plus and sounds FAR better. 

Do you use speakers with your Echo Dot? Let me know what you're using.

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